Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rise and Shine

Good morning! It is 5:30 am here and we are departing for the airport hopefully within the next 20 minutes to jet over to Italy! London was incredible but I cannot believe that we have already returned and are turning around to fly somewhere else. LIfe is amazing and we are very very lucky girls. I can't wait to update my posts when I get back! Good lord I have a lot to do... So sorry! Most importantly though, I wanted to wish my sweet baby sister a Happy 20th Birthday!! She turned 20 on the 11th and I was able to send her a few things, but it just wasn't the same. Cannot believe we are both in our twenties now... Seems like only yesteryear we ere playing with Barbies and torturing Blake, wait we still do that second thing :)

More to come upon my return! Miss and love you beyond words!

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