Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Current Update

Ok, I'm over this whole posting in order thing. It has just got me wayyy behind and I want to actually keep you guys in the loop so from here on out I will try to throw in little updated blips and then post the full stories of my trip whenever possible. Sound good? It only took me three months to figure out.. hah

Yes, you heard right. I have been here for 3 whole months and in exactly 1 month I will be moving home to the states! I truly cannot believe it. Time has never flown at such a rapid pace in my whole life! Well.. maybe college in general because I now have the rest of my college career planned out as well. Getting old is very unnerving.

Speaking of getting old a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HANDSOME FATHER! He is turning a young 47 tomorrow with only a few sprinkles of gray in his luscious locks. (He looks very refined if you ask me.) We have agreed that this sounds like an excellent age and good things will happen. I can't wait to see what they are! I would post this tomorrow but I will in fact be in London for a long four day weekend. I am incredibly spoiled since I just returned from Greece on Monday. This is the most traveling I have ever done and while it exhausting, it is so much fun. My parents are the absolute best for allowing be to do all of these things. When I grow up and become filthy rich I will travel all of the time because I absolutely love it! I already promised them that I would send them on lavish trips and if you stay in my good graces maybe I'll bring you along too ;)

I hope everyone had a very happy Easter. Mine was full of crazy travel changes and probably a bit more stress than I would have liked but hey, I had just spent the last week lounging on the beech in Mykonos, Greece so I am in no place to even begin complaining. I am incredibly blessed to be having the experiences that I am over here and I thank God for each and every day of it.

Now I am off with a group of 8 total (me included) to travel through London and pretend we're Harry Potter milling with muggles. (Ok, obviously that is just going to be me..) I am sooo excited!! Gotta throw a few last items in my back and then we're off to arrive late tonight. I am sure that I will have great stories, many with obnoxious Harry Potter references, so check back soon. As for now, adios mi amigos! I miss and love you all!!

And Congrats to my cousin Amy and her husband Jeremy who gave baby Jack a sister, Blair Catherine! Such a beautiful name. Can't wait to see pictures!

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