Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hello world. It has been far too long since I have sat down to look at my blog and as I do it tonight it is with a heavy heart. I love looking at all of my pictures and reading what I have written. Pieces of me are sewn in all over this thing and I can't believe I have neglected it for so long. So, I'm vowing that soon I will start re-writing my tales form Spain with the help of the handy-dandy-notebook I kept and scrawled in at all times while abroad.

I'm currently a busy bee taking classes this summer and pinching myself every now and then that I am home or is it that I wake up from a very vidid dream about Spain and have to convince myself that it wasn't all a dream, that I truly did live in Seville for 4 whole months? Either way, life is as incredible as ever and I am enjoying every minute of it.

I have to get up early tomorrow though so I am off to bed but will leave you, whoever you are that still checks this thing, with what I wrote awhile back on the 1 month home mark. Enjoy!

I have been back home in the land of the free for 1 whole month. It is unreal to see that the passing of time can actually fly. 1 month ago I was getting ready to sleep in my big bed with my family all only a few short steps away. I was relishing being close to them and having all of the amenities I had missed back. I was unable to take a long hot shower simply out of habit. (Don't worry I have gotten that back to normal now hah). 1 month ago I looked around my room or out my window and everything felt right. But things felt right in Seville and well, things feel right here in Columbia now too.

Tonight I snuggle down into Kathryn's bed (I'm subleasing from a friend) and call it my own, even though I share it with Paige too. I look around "my" room and see the same objects and items that sat around in Spain. We move, all of us, my purse, computer, toothbrush and pictures, together. We migrate to our next "home" and set up shop for however long the universe has allotted.

It's an odd feeling realizing you can belong more than one place. Odd knowing that with minimal possessions I can make a new home just about anywhere. However, upon further inspection you can see that it's not so much that you alone, with a few possessions, can make a home, it's the people that you make a home with. It's sharing a meal of hotdogs and peas with 3 girls and laughing through it together (and then sharing granola bars afterwards for a "real" dinner). It's laying out in the asphalt parking lot in the hot summer heat after classes or driving to get McDonalds' 49 cent cones late at night and pow-wowing in the living room when someone needs to talk. It's making time for a skype session or phone call (now multiple times a day) with my mom or driving to and from Columbia and St. Louis with my sister.

Because, while there are a million incredible places to live in the world, a home has nothing to do with exact location. A home is made up of those who our heart has collected along the way, some we probably aren't even aware of yet. There can always be changes to the home but the basic layout was built long ago by powerful loving hands and we can move around as much as we like because our real home, it's mobile.